Can you buy Youtube Subscribers?

To answer the question simply, yes. You can easily buy Youtube Subscribers from many sites, including here at FastSubscribers. In this blog post, we will be covering the main 3 areas of concern that most Youtubers face when debating whether or not to purchase Subscribers for their channel.


can you buy youtube subscribers

Safety – Is your Channel at Risk?

The main reason that channel owners do not purchase subscribers is that they feel their channel might be at risk if they do. We regularly get asked “Will my Youtube Channel get banned if I buy subscribers?” so we thought we would address it during this article. If you do not give your password away during the process, you cannot get banned for buying subscribers, or anything else Youtube related. However, if you give away your details to the provider, they can obviously go in and change your settings which may break Youtubes terms of service. Also, before you purchase the Subscribers, either check the privacy policy of the website or contact them, asking whether or not your information will be kept private. If you information is private, you face absolutely no risk to your channel. Here at FastSubscribers, we do not need your password for any of our services and your information is securely kept.

Results – The Benefits of a Large Subscriber Count

Another reason people sometimes avoid buying subscribers, is that they doubt the results it will offer them. In reality, there are almost an infinite amount of benefits that purchasing subscribers will offer to your channel. Perhaps most importantly, is that you can use your new subscriber count to find the perfect network for your channel, which will offer natural growth, higher revenue and an array of tools to increase the quality of your videos. In addition, subscriber amount is an important ranking factor for videos on Youtube, meaning your content will be more visible in searches – leading to further amounts of natural growth. Purchasing Subscribers is an investment into your channel, which you can earn back in just a few days.

The Cost

The price of Youtube Subscribers has risen recently, with the new Youtube updates making it much harder for suppliers. Some popular social media websites have even stopped selling them altogether! Here at Fast Subscribers, our prices were almost unchanged due to us using real methods, such as networking and advertising, to increase your Subscriber count. If you would like a sample of our Youtube Subscribers to check the quality and see the results for yourself, you can get in contact with us and buy a smaller package – we want all our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase.


In conclusion, buying Youtube Subscribers will help your channel grow hugely and is completely safe, simply use a provider that you trust. Never give away your log in credentials to any provider and make sure your provider has been active since the last Youtube update, or their method of adding Subscribers may be outdated and ineffective. If you’re looking for a provider that guarantees high quality Subscribers and positive results, why not buy Youtube Subscribers with us?


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