How to Delete your Youtube Channel

Youtube has completely blown up in the last few years, with the insame amount over 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute! Despite the millions of daily viewers, Youtube isn’t something that appeals to everyone. Perhaps you’re spending too much time browsing through videos, or simply just don’t enjoy making videos like you used to. If you’re one of these people, then this article is for you. Here’s a guide that explains how you can delete your Youtube Channel, alongside all the content associated with it.


Delete your Youtube Channel


  • Firstly, you’ll have to make sure you’re signed in to Youtube on PC – You are currently unable to delete your account from the mobile application.
  • Once you’re signed into the account you wish to delete, navigate to the top right of your screen and click your account, followed by ‘Youtube Settings‘.
  • Next, you’ll need to select ‘Overview‘ – Then click ‘Advanced‘ which will appear under your channel name.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Delete Channel‘.
  • You will then be taken to a confirmation page, where you will have to enter your log in details. (You may also have to enter other information, based on the security settings you have implemented).

That’s it! Once you have completed the steps above, your channel will be removed from Youtube. Make sure you allow a couple of hours for your content to be completely erased from the website, with certain things such as thumbnails remaining in search engines until the next crawl is completed.

It’s important to note that once your Youtube Channel has been deleted, it cannot be recovered like a Twitter of Facebook account. You will lose everything associated to the channel, including all videos, playlists, comments and messages. Your Google+ account will remain untouched during this process and that will have to be deleted seperately if you wish (Here’s how to delete your Google+ Account).

Ensure that you have explored all the alternatives before deleting your channel, you could try removing your unwanted videos or changing the privacy of them – this allows you to have complete control over who they are visible to. Putting your videos on private is the perfect way to stop them from being shared around on Social Media.


If you encounter any problems while deleting your channel – Your best bet is to get in contact with Youtube and they will guide you through the process in more detail. Keep in mind that Youtube cannot remotely deactivate your account due to obvious security policies. Be sure to check out our Youtube Channel for reviews of the services we offer!


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