In this article we will be sharing a few tips on how to get more subscribers and views on your Youtube channel. These methods are incredibly easy, and each one will only take you a couple minutes! These methods have been proven to work and have helped many Youtubers to get a huge subscriber and fan base.

How to grow your Youtube Channel Fast 2016


1. Comment on New Videos

For this to work successfully, you will need to comment on a large youtubers video within just a few minutes of it being released. You might think this is hard but if you have the Youtube app on your phone, you will get a notification for when someone you are subscribed to uploads a new video. Simply wait for this notification and post a well-worded response as a comment on the video that you think others will agree with, people with top comments tend to receive a lot of channel growth. If you are going to try this, make sure the Youtube video you are commenting on is relevant to your content, for example if you upload gaming content, try to comment on gaming videos when they are uploaded.

2. Other Social Media

Don’t just have a Youtube channel – make a Twitter account to go with it. You can even make a Facebook fan page and Instagram account. This will allow your viewers to follow you and interact with you, which means they are more likely to be a regular viewers of your content. Every time you upload a video, simply tweet it our and announce it on any other social media you may have – this will ensure that your video gets the maximum amount of exposure it can possibly get which, in turn, should help you to generate more views.

3, Networks

A lot of people tend to join a network to get paid, or to get sponsored for their videos. While there is absolutely no problem with this, you can use networks more strategically, to help growth on your channel. Signing up with a smaller network will often introduce you to Youtubers who have the same size channels as you who will help you to grow if you help them in return. It could be as simple as retweeting eachothers tweets or giving the other a small shoutout. This may only take you a couple of minutes, but could have a huge growth impact on your channel.

4. Collaborations

Collaborating with someone of your channel size could easily double your Youtube subscriber base. A collaboration is essentially where you make a video with another Youtuber, which you will both upload to your channels. The main practice is that you link the person you made the video with, so your fanbase can check them out and vice versa. This is one of the fun, as well as most efficient way to grow your Subscriber base.


There you have it – 4 simple ways to give your Youtube channel a quick boost! Find out which of the 4 work best for you and spend just a couple minutes a day on following it, this will really benefit your channel and give you some huge growth in the long term.




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