How to get more Views on your Youtube Videos

Youtube is a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular in the modern day, with people everywhere purchasing cameras and capture cards to start their journey as a content creator. The main goal of many Youtube channel owners is to hit a certain amount of Subscribers, or a certain amount of views across all of their videos. We are here to help you gain more views on your videos, which will also help to increase your subscriber count. Try some of the methods below and see what works for you!


Get more views on Youtube

Commenting on other Videos

A great way to show off your personality is by commenting on other Youtube videos, preferably just after they have been uploaded. Constructing a comment that is helpful, funny or well argued will lead to you receiving ‘likes’ on your comment, meaning it will be more visible than others. People can also reply to your comments, which is another way to get interactive and potentially earn some new viewers. You can also reply to other comments to spark conversation, which will further increase the chance you have of people visiting your channel. For this method to work successfully, try to comment on videos that are similar to yours. For example, if you upload cookery videos, comment on baking tutorials or episodes of Master Chef.

Make your Profile Look Good

This may require a small investment, but having a visually appealing profile is a great way to get more views on your videos. Try approaching a GFX artist and ask them for their prices and a portfolio, which is common practice for design work. When you find a designer you like, at a price that you can afford, treat yourself to a Channel Banner and Icon! Remember, this banner and icon are reusable, as you can also add them to your social media.

Social Media

Speaking of Social Media, it’s a good idea to have a couple of profiles for your Youtube channel. Above and beyond all, ensure you have a Twitter account, with Facebook and Instagram being optional extras. Twitter is the easiest way to promote your new videos, interact with fans and potentially find other Youtubers to collaborate with. Promoting your Twitter is important, as every new Follower you earn has the potential to retweet your content, which will enable you to share your videos with a much large audience. Our final tip for Social Media is to try and be consistent with naming – Use the same, or similar, username for everything related to your channel.


No matter what your channel size, there is always a network for you. Networks are good for a variety of things, including meeting new people and earning a larger revenue from your videos, but Networks are also perfect for increasing the amount of views your receive on your videos. Most Networks work incredibly hard on promotion for the channels under their name, making it much easier for you to grow your channel. If you want to learn more, or are interested in joining a network, check out our ‘Best Networks for Small Channels‘ article.



These methods have been used by many Youtubers at some stage in their career, even the likes of PewDiePie and Syndicate started out their channels by utilizing these methods. Try as many as you want, then repeat the methods that are working for you. If you want a sure-fire way of growing your Youtube channel, you could always Buy Youtube Views with us to get the ball rolling.



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