How to get more views with Social Media

Gaining a large amount of Youtube Views is something that is becoming incredibly sought after in the modern world, with becoming a full time ‘Youtuber’ being arguably the more desirable career. There are plenty of ways that you can get more views on your Youtube videos, however in this short article will be covering the use of social media. Below are a few of our top tips for acquiring some new viewers through websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Social Media Youtube


Include a ‘Teaser’

This doesn’t have to be a well edited cinematic, you can literally include a snippet of your video alongside your post. Include the most exciting or funny part of your video for others to see, think of it as a trial of your content – If people like what they see within the short clip, they are likely to click onto your video and watch the rest.


Use a URL Shortener

Andy Stack conducted a month long experiment in which he posted his new Youtube videos on his established Facebook page. For the first half of the month, he uploaded bare Youtube URLs to his page and in the second half of the month, he used (a URL shortener) links. The results were that the shortened links got an incredible 4x as many clicks when compared to the standard Youtube URL. This test has since been repeated by other social media marketers, all of which leading to similar results. We believe that the increased click rate is due to a more professional and visually appealing post, as a result of having a much shorter link. Top Tip: If you are using Instagram to post about your video, include a shortened link to your latest upload in the ‘website’ section of your profile.


Focus on Engagement and Interaction

This one should go without saying, but it often goes unnoticed. Reply to any form of interaction you get, whether that’s a comment, tweet or direct message. Communicating with your viewers is a great way to ensure they remain loyal and active on your channel (Meaning they will watch your videos, comment, like e.t.c). The better the viewer knows you as a person, the more likely they are to share your video around and generally help your channel to grow. You could even offer an insentive for users to share your post around, for example, following everyone that retweets your original tweet. In short, use Social Media to meet and form bonds with people who are interested or influential within your area of video creation – all it takes is one social media share to shoot your video to viral status.


Post About Each Video more than Once

If you think about a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram timeline – only the most recent posts are displayed to a user. It’s incredibly unlikely that a majority of your fan base will be active on social media whenever you make the first post relating to your new video. Post it a couple times throughout the day, maybe once when it’s released and the once 6-8 hours later. Avoid spamming peoples timelines though as posting repeatedly is a sure fire way to land yourself some hate.



Using any of the above methods is guaranteed to increase the amount of views you receive on your Youtube content, even if only by a small amount. Each channel will receive different results, but with each of the above points only taking a few minutes of your time, you can easily give them all a try. Find the strategy that works best for you, wash and repeat!



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