As you are reading this article, we assume that you already know that you can Buy Youtube Subscribers to grow your Youtube channel, but you’re wondering if it’s safe to do so. In this article we will explain how safe it is to purchase subscribers and answer the big question: Can I be banned from Youtube for buying Subscribers for my channel?


Is it safe to buy Youtube Subscribers UK?

We all know you can buy Youtube Subscribers: but is it safe to?


We’re going to start with the big one and to answer it simply, you CANNOT be banned from Youtube for purchasing channel subscribers unless you give away your log in details to the provider. If you give away your log in credentials to the person you are buying the subscribers from, they can obviously change/add settings onto your account that puts you in breach of Youtubes terms of service, which could then result in an account ban. Youtube cannot ban you unless you give your password away and the reason for this is simple: they won’t know who’s adding the subscribers. If you could get banned for an artificial amount of subscribers, rival Youtubers and Businesses would be sending thousands of subscribers to each other’s profiles in the attempt to get them banned, it just wouldn’t be fair.

Now, the question of whether it is safe. The short answer to this is yes, buying Youtube Subscribers is safe. Hundreds of Youtubers have done it to grow their channels, even the top Youtuber channels like Syndicate and PewDiePie have been suspected of buying Youtube Subscribers and views in the past. The main reason people buy Youtube subscribers is to get their numbers high enough to be able to join a well-paying network, such as freedom. There are plenty of networks out there that require a minimum amount of 600-1,000 subscribers – buying these subscribers can help you to get into these networks which will significantly help your real growth and increase the revenue you earn from uploads.

One thing you may want to consider however, is the amount that you buy. You want to ensure that you buy a number of Subscribers that seems realistic for your channel. For example, don’t buy 10,000 subscribers when you only have 3 videos uploaded. As a general rule, we would recommend buying 100/200 subscribers per video that you have on your channel. So if you have 10 videos, buying between 1,000-2,000 Subscribers will not seem unnatural. Keeping your numbers realistic is very important for natural growth, you want people that come to your channel to believe your numbers, which will cause them to subscribe too!

To conclude, Buying Youtube Susbcribers is a safe way to quickly grow your Youtube channel as long as you don’t give out your password. Buy your Subscribers with a site such as us, here at, where we only need your Youtube channel link to complete your service. After purchase, you can sit back and watch the results which can include getting into your preferred network, appearing higher in searches and a boost in natural growth. If other channels have done it, why shouldn’t you too? Start growing your Youtube channel today!




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