SEO Works on Youtube too!

Similar to search engines such as Google, Youtube has a way of methodically listing videos when a user enters a search query. Also similar to other search engines, there are ways of increasing your rankings which comes with a handful of natural growth and revenue (if you’re signed up to adsense or a Youtube Network). In this short article, we will be sharing 5 ways that you can increase the rankings of your Youtube videos.


Youtube Video SEO


Video and Description Length

An SEO factor that has emerged constantly throughout 2016 is the length of your content, which applies to both websites and Youtube videos. Having a video with a longer duration time than your competitors is a great way to gain the upper hand in terms of ranking, but you have to keep the length of your videos moderate – make your videos too long and nobody will want to click on it. We would recommend searching for the keyword(s) you wish to target and find the average length of the videos in the top 10 results. Once you have this number, simply add a minute or two. Writing a perfect description is also similar to writing content for a web page, include your main keyword a few times alongside a handful of LSIs (other keywords that are similar to your main one). Currently the perfect length for a video description is around 500/600 words.


Linking and Embedding

External links to your video will also have an effect on where it ranks in Youtube searches. The trust and authority of each link your video receives is evaluated and you video will boost in ranking sufficiently. Having your video embedded into a website is also a huge factor that Youtube look out for, which is a method that many tutorial videos utilize in order to gain high amounts of natural views. The best way to get links/embeds? Create good, informative content – it’s that simple!


Retention Time

Similar to the ‘bounce rate’ of a website, the average view time on your videos make a difference. If your videos retention time is only a few seconds, clearly people are deterred and soon click off the video in search for another. Youtube does take this into consideration when ranking videos as it wants users to find the content that they are searching for. The perfect way for giving your videos average view time a boost is to buy high retention Youtube views, which typically offer a 20/30 second+ duration period.


Social Shares

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the main influences in ranking on Youtube, however there are more. Having your video shared on other social medias such as LinkedIn and Pinterest does tend to offer a handsome reward. There are plenty of websites out there, such as Like4Like that allow social media exchange yet complies with the terms and conditions of all websites involved. You can also simply encourage your viewers to share your video, by including social media handles in your description or by mentioning it during your outro.


The Trust Rating of your Channel

Believe it or not, your whole channel is taken into consideration when deciding where to rank your videos. The look at things such as your overall amount of views, channel views (the amount of people that have visited your Youtube profile) and your average likes to dislikes ratio. While there isn’t a whole lot you can do here, you can consider removing videos that have a large amount of dislikes to even out your channel average. Another huge area to take into consideration is copyright strikes – avoid these at ALL times and take whatever measures you need to ensure this.


If you’re familiar with improving SEO for websites, you can use the same techniques to improve the rankings of your Youtube videos. If you’re not too sure, simply follow the tips we have provided throughout this video and you should receive a nice bump in natural growth.


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