Will Sub 4 Sub Help your Youtube Channel to Grow?

Recently on Youtube, Sub4Sub Centres have been popping up faster than ever – with over 6 million videos containing ‘Sub4Sub’ somewhere in their title or description. We have seen countless videos where Youtubers are encouraging other users to stay away from the idea of trading subscriptions, but we are here to tell you that they are completely wrong. Increasing your amount of Subscribers will always help your channel to grow, regardless of how you acquire them. So if you want the short answer then yes, Sub 4 Sub will help your Youtube channel.


Should you Sub4Sub on Youtube?


The Myths and Rumours

There are plenty of myths surrounding the whole ‘Sub 4 Sub’ ordeal, so we are here to put those rumours to rest. The first rumour is that Subscribing to other users, for a subscription back is against the Youtube terms of service – to put it simply, it’s not. Nowhere in the Youtubes ToS will you find anything related to trading subscribers, you can not and will not ever get banned for participating in sub 4 sub centres. The owners of Youtube acknowledge that these centres exist, but do nothing to shut them down or remove them from their site. In many ways, it’s similar to subscribing to someone to enter a giveaway – you’re subscribing to a channel in the hopes of getting something in return.


The Benefits of Sub 4 Sub

Now that we’ve established that Sub 4 Sub is 100% safe, we will go on to explain exactly how it will help your channel. The first benefit is exposure – when someone comes to your channel, they will obviously have the opportunity to watch your videos which could result in some additional views for you. If you have a featured video on your channel, you will also receive a view on that whenever a user visits your profile. Let’s think of it another way: These people that are coming to your channel to subscribe back could end up liking your videos, right? This means they could easily share your videos around and grow your audience, without you having to do a thing! It’s unlikely admittedly, but definitely possible.

Having a larger number of Subscribers will also increase the natural growth you receive. Subscriber amount is an important ranking factor on Youtube, meaning the more subscribers you have, the higher your videos will appear in searches. This will lead to more real users seeing your content, with the potential to subscribe or check out your other videos. Subscriber count is Youtubes ‘seal of approval’ in many ways – if someone views your channel and discovers that you have a large subscriber base, they will automatically associate your channel as one that produces high quality, enjoyable content.


Are there any Drawbacks?

The only real down side to Sub 4 Sub is the time it takes. If you’re going to do it, you need to do it properly and actually subscribe back to other users. If you don’t, you run the risk of your channel receiving negative ratings and comments which will deter natural growth. Our final recommendation would be to only comment on videos such as Sub 4 Sub centres, that are designed with the of trading subscriptions.


To conclude, Sub 4 Sub done properly will benefit your channel and if you have the time to spare, then it’s definitely something you could get involved with. If you don’t have a large amount of time to invest, check out our buy Youtube Subscribers page and let us do all the hard work for you!


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