How Youtube can help your Business

Youtube is the second largest social media website, pulling in an incredible amount of 4 billion views every day. However, many businesses are deterred away from using Youtube, due to the amount of time it can take to create a high quality video. In this short article, we will be explaining why your business should definitely have a presence on Youtube.

SEO Youtube Rankings How youtube can help your Business


We’ve previously mentioned that Youtube videos receive over 4 billion views every day, what if you could just turn a small handful of those viewers into customers? Youtube Videos are shared online more than any other media form, meaning if you can make a unique video to advertise your business, it could easily go viral overnight which would put your sales through the roof. From taking a look at the Youtube adverts that went viral in late 2015 and early 2016, the trend seems to lie in emotional connection. Adverts such as The Collective Project (by Microsoft) and the advert for the HTC one gained a huge amount of views due to the fact that consumers could relate to the video.

Website Benefits

Youtube can also offer huge benefits to your business website. Firstly, you can use Youtube to rank for your target keywords by utilizing their high trust flow and powerful page rank. How? Simply upload a video and include your target keywords in the title, description and tags. It’s important to note that Youtube is most useful for the longer tail keywords, as targeting highly competitive keywords won’t have much effect. You can also use Youtube to get targeted traffic, by simply including a website link in your videos description. The main benefit of targeted traffic, aside from potential sales, is that the visitor is likely to view multiple pages of your website. The more pages of a website that are viewed by a user, the lower your websites bounce rate will be, which is a huge ranking factor in 2016.


Finally, the cost of creating a Youtube video can be non existent. Nowadays, most phones have an incredibly good camera, meaning you don’t have to invest in high quality equipment. I’ve known businesses to simply upload a slideshow of their products or completed services to Youtube, which has directly lead to many more sales. Don’t be afraid to upload to Youtube, having a short video or one that isn’t HD will still help your business to grow. A lot of businesses opt for a simple series when it comes to Youtube, with the most popular videos being a representative of the business answering commonly asked questions. Whatever you upload, it will benenfit your business in one way or another.


There you have it, the main benefits of Youtube and how it can help your business to grow. Setting up a Youtube channel will only take you a few minutes and with the current amount of users on Youtube, can you really afford to miss out? If you want to dominate Youtube and have a large presence than your competition, why not Buy Youtube Views with us to kick start the growth process?


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